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Store jewellery in tarnish resistant packaging

Fine jewellery should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and ideally somewhere with low humidity to avoid tarnishing. This is why I have carefully selected my jewellery packaging to protect your jewellery. The materials of my jewellery packaging do not contain any tarnish-accelerating chemicals.

By storing your jewellery in the original Hollie Bloss packaging, you are safely storing your jewellery in a cool dark place in material that is designed to keep your jewellery bright, shiny and tarnish free.

Wash your jewellery regularly

Wash jewellery regularly with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush: Eco-friendly dish soap is an effective, non-toxic way to clean your jewellery. I recommend using Ecostore Ultra Sensitive Dish Liquid as it does not contain any chemicals that will damage the finish of your jewellery.

I recommend cleaning your jewellery once a month or sooner if you notice any build up of dirt or grime.

Steps to wash your jewellery:
- Mix dish soap and warm water in a bowl and soak jewellery for five minutes
- Gently brush away any hard to reach areas with a soft bristle brush
- Wash off any excess soap and pat dry with a clean cloth

Avoid contact with chemical products

It is important to avoid exposing your jewellery to other products containing chemicals such as perfumes, beauty and cleaning products. When your jewellery is exposed to chemicals it reacts with the natural materials, causing discolouration and deterioration of the metal and gemstones. The easiest way to avoid chemical contact is to take off your jewellery before any beauty routines, cleaning etc.

Remove jewellery before bathing, showering or swimming

Swimming with jewellery on is one of the quickest ways to cause damage or loss. Pool chemicals will cause the metal and gems to discolour, whereas salt water is corrosive which in turn causes similar damage. Both salt water and chlorine exposure will erode the surfaces of your jewellery over repeated exposures.

Please take off your jewellery before bathing. The soaps, cleansers, scrubs and other products used when bathing can damage the materials of your jewellery. These products also leave residue in hard to reach areas making your jewellery dirty and dull.

Do not wear jewellery whilst cleaning, gardening or exercising

Wearing your jewellery during strenuous activity not only scratches/dints the metal and gems, but it also can knock your gem settings resulting in your gemstones cracking or being lost entirely.